Manipal ProLearn

Manipal Global Education Services – MaGE (, a part of Manipal Education and Medical Group is a leading international provider of high-quality higher education services.

These include:

  • A wide range of services for educational institutions in India
  • Corporate training programs in partnership with major banks and other institutions
  • Vocational training across several sectors
  • Technology-driven services in areas such as testing and education delivery

The company is headquartered in Bengaluru, India which owns and operates university campuses in Malaysia, Antigua, Dubai, Srilanka and Nepal. It currently offers services and support to over 1 Million learners across the globe, through its award-winning technology platform i.e. Learning Management System called EduNxt™.

Manipal Global believes industry relevance is the key to career-focused education in India. This has led to innovative partnerships, like ‘The Manipal Academy of Banking’ which is the Training Institute for leading Indian banks like ICICI Bank, Bank of Baroda, Punjab National Bank, Andhra Bank, Axis Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank, among others. Another example is the ‘The Manipal Academy of Sales Excellence’ which is the Training Institute for leading FMCG companies like Britannia, Unibic and others.

Other strategic investments include MeritTrac, India´s leading testing & Assessment Company. The Manipal Global mantra – Achieve, Enable and Transform – builds on this legacy. Manipal Global creates a future for every life it touches, a future that inspires achievements, enables ambitions, and transforms lives, worldwide.


Manipal Global helps young minds across the world dare to dream and achieve their true potential.

Our institutions across the world give wings to thousands of dreams every day.


Drawing from its expertise and experience of owning and managing several high class institutions, Manipal Global offers a host of tested and proven education services to enable Universities and Educational Institutions across the world to focus on their core competencies.


Manipal Global offers customized training solutions for industry partners, as well as direct-to-learner specialized Diplomas and Certificate programs in various fields like Information Technology, Finance and Management.


Manipal ProLearn ( is glad to propose a Learning Model created specifically for College-going students to learn, get assessed and finally certified by Manipal ProLearn, on a vast variety of subjects from IT/ Programming, Data-Science, Cloud-Computing, Finance & Management.

The training-modules are self-paced, and student can access the content whenever he wants. The access is valid for a subscription period of one-year, for which he pays only once in the beginning of the subscription. The student can keep revisiting the content in case he wants to gain mastery over a subject.  All the content will end with an Assessment and Certification. This will ensure that not only are concepts understood, but their knowledge on those subjects will be tested, before being Certified by Manipal ProLearn on the subject. This one-year subscription can be renewed at the end of every subscription period.